Open Detection is a open source project for object detection and recognition.

Object detection and recognition is the most important focus of Computer Vision. We are constantly in search of methods to have a 'detection' system as powerful as the human being. Given a random query image, we want to have a system capable of answering the questions like: What is present in the image? Is there a house in it? Is there a human in it? Where is the house located? Questions like these which are so trivial to human beings, are extremely difficult for a computer - the same computer which is way faster than human beings in terms of sequential calculations and executions.


  • The library is built with a very specific goal - to answer the fundamental problem of Computer Vision - Object Recognition and Detection.
  • We make available to everyone the existing solution in this direction in a common, intuitive and user-friendly APIs.

Why OpenDetection?

From the Computer Vision research community, there has been good solutions to very specific tasks; for example, face detection in an image, detection of human beings, or of some objects of very particular kinds (high texture/regular etc.). The methods for solving these different tasks can be very different and highly targeted for that special object type. Because of this reason we have implementation of crude detection/recognition algorithms scattered over different places without any common standard. Even with the availability of dedicated computer vision libraries like OpenCV/PCL, implementation of a simple object detection application based on the existing techniques is not a trivial task as it should be.

Thus, the purpose of this library is to contribute in this field and make available the existing solution in this direction in a common, very structured, and a very user-friendly APIs. Every detection algorithm here is as simple as calling a function, and one can fine tune the algorithm changing the configurable parameters.

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  • c/c++
  • cmake
  • opencv
  • pcl
  • caffe


  • computer vision
  • machine learning
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Open Detection 2016 Projects

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