The D Foundation leads development of the D Programming Language.

The D programming language was started by Walter Bright, as a 'better C++' and has grown slowly, but steadily, for more than 14 years. Recent improvements to the D development process have accelerated development of the language. The language will feel familiar to anyone with experience in a C style language (C/C++/Java). It combines efficiency, control and modeling power with safety and programmer productivity. Programming in D is enjoyable. The current focus of the D community is to improve the language's standard library and tools supporting D development. .

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D Foundation 2016 Projects

  • Lodovico Giaretta
    A replacement of std.xml for the Phobos standard library
    XML is probably the most used storage and interchange format for structured and semi-structured data, being also used for object serialization and...
  • ciechowoj
    Improvements for dstep.
    This is a project to improve the dstep conversion tool. The major goal is to extend dstep to the point in which it is able to create bindings for the...
  • JDeHaan
    Precise Garbage Collection for D
    Implementing precise collection as a first step towards a better garbage collector.
  • Greenify
    Science for D - a non-uniform RNG
    D is a modern language that offers the convenience of Python at the speed of C++. While D is constantly evolving, its support for scientific research...