The IDI addresses the challenge of designing ICT to work for all potential users

The IDRC is the lead organization of the Inclusive Design Institute (IDI), a collaboration of eight Ontario post secondary institutions, together focusing on the development of inclusive information technology. The IDRC is primarily a research and development organization, part of the Faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto. Its primary mandate is to promote access to information and information technology for all. Many of its activities involve working with international and local standards groups to introduce accessibility related specifications into their developing standards. It is an organization made up of computer scientists, engineers, educators, and practitioners, who all work together to develop leading edge technologies that are inclusive to everyone.

The IDRC and IDI are not-for-profit organizations. They offer services for people with disabilities, providing guidance on issues related to learning, technology use, and access to information.

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  • javascript
  • jquery
  • html5
  • css
  • node.js


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Inclusive Design Institute 2016 Projects

  • Dinuka De Silva
    Accessible, Responsive Music UI Controls
    With the introduction of the Web Audio API and music frameworks such as Flocking, it's possible to make music and develop custom instruments entirely...
  • wannabecitizen
    Data Visualization with Infusion
    This came from a project I pitched last year with Antranig Basman and Colin Clark. Our goal is to make public data sources accessible for analysis...
  • Sparsh Paliwal
    Game for First Discovery of Preferences
    Project aims to develop a game that will help users to discover their appropriate digital and learning preferences in an interactive environment by...
  • Stan Shterev
    Stanislav Shterev IDI UIO Responsive Design Proposal
    My proposal for a project is to implement the current features of the User Interface Options on the responsive design. The project goal is to also...