LabLua - Lua programming language research lab at PUC-Rio

LabLua is a research lab at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), affiliated with its Computer Science Department. It is dedicated to research on programming languages, with an emphasis on the Lua language. Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, scripting language, currently used in areas ranging from embedded systems to games and web development. LabLua was founded on May 2004 by Prof. Roberto Ierusalimschy, the chief architect of the Lua language.

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  • lua
  • luarocks
  • elasticsearch
  • netbsd
  • céu


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LabLua 2016 Projects

  • Kevin Clancy
    Add class-based object-oriented programming to Typed Lua
    This project seeks to design and implement a class system for Typed Lua which will replace its current class definition style. It should feel like a...
  • rnikhil275
    Admin Center, Elasticsearch integration for Sailor and Luagoogle
    The admin center would be pivotal in utilizing the autogen functions and a configuration file editor would make it easy for the end user to edit conf...
  • Victor Dias
    An automatic generator of WSDL documents to LuaSOAP
    A fully automatic generator of WSDL documents to LuaSOAP composed by a generation module and a parameter based script. This will improve the LuaSOAP...
  • VicentiuM
    Extending the online tutorial of Céu with Emscripten and SDL
    I want to extend the tutorial offered by LabLua for the Ceu language. As it is, when you write code on their website and press submit, the code is...
  • Dhaval Kapil
    Improve elasticsearch-lua tests and builds
    Elasticsearch is very good and scalable search engine. It provides a REST API accessed through JSON format. My project aims to improve the existing...
  • MattG
    Improving the Quality of Error Messages in PEG Parsers
    Parsing Expression Grammars (PEGs) are an expressive formalism for designing and implementing top-down parsers with local backtracking. An issue that...
  • roboo
    Next Generation of the LuaRocks test suite
    In this project we focus on package manager for Lua modules, LuaRocks. Our main goal is to increase quality of test suite, because it's implemented...
  • dtomek
    Typed Lua Core Typechecker
    The idea of this project is to use Haskell as another way of reasoning about the typing rules of Typed Lua. Project involves implementing parser and...