Center bringing together scientists doing space-related research at McGill

The McGill Space Institute is an interdisciplinary center that brings together researchers engaged in astrophysics, planetary science, atmospheric science, astrobiology and other space-related research at McGill.

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  • python
  • sql
  • databases
  • big data


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McGill Space Institute 2016 Projects

  • popeye
    Coders of Habitability
    To code up a Python open source data reduction pipeline for space-based infrared observations. The goal of this project is to reduce images from the...
  • Akshay Narasimha
    Lightcurve modelling with Icarus
    Icarus is an open source tool used for light curve synthesis. The aim of the project is to add more functionalities to Icarus.
  • jysi
    Open-Source Coding of Models of Microbial S-isotope Fractionation: Exploring Transdisciplinary Scientific Collaboration
    Transparency in conceptualizing, creating, and circulating a model is respected within the scientific community; however, open sharing of these has...