The Universal Operating System

The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system. The Debian Project was founded in 1993 by Ian Murdock to be a truly free community project. Since then the project has grown to be one of the largest and most influential open source projects. Thousands of volunteers from all over the world work together to create and maintain Debian software. Available in 70 languages, and supporting a huge range of computer types, Debian calls itself the "universal operating system".

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  • python
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  • c++
  • ruby
  • django


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Debian Project 2016 Projects

  • Chirayu Desai
    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Android is the most widely used free, open source mobile operating system. The tools used to create applications for the platform are also open...
  • Mouaad Aallam
    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    The Android platform is free software, including the tools used for developing apps for Android. Debian-derivatives are already a preferred platform...
  • Kai-Chung Yan
    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Improve the existing Android SDK packages in Debian and bring in more of them. Get existing SDK packages migrated into Testing Finish packaging SDK...
  • lucasmoura
    AppRecommender - integration with AppStream
    AppRecommender is a recommender system for Debian packages. Currently, this application can only be run through terminal commands. The idea of this...
  • DonKult
    APT↔dpkg communication rework
    APT-based tools work with the user to figure out how their system should look like after they are done installing/removing packages and their...
  • Canberk Koç
    CI for Debian-Med
    The Debian Med project prepares packages that are associated with medicine, pre-clinical research, and life sciences. Its developments are mostly...
  • Luciano
    Create new recommendation strategy for AppRecommender
    This project aims at creating a new strategy for AppRecommender. The new approach would only be triggered when the user installs a new package....
  • Harsh Daftary
    Developer Horizon and other extensions
    I propose to work for following projects for Google Summer of Code 16 under Debian. Continue the development of Developer Horizon project and...
  • sim590
    Improving distributed and secure communication using free software
    Distributed and secure communication for the sake of user's privacy has never been as much needed as of now. That's why I feel a great pleasure to...
  • PranavJain
    Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software
    I want to contribute to a project which support high end communication via free and open source tools. I want to contribute to FreeRTC project
  • JonathanJson
    Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software
    The project is aimed at improving the mips and mipsel ports. My implication in the project will therefore reflect the needs of the team that have...
  • Mesut Can Gurle
    Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software
    Free RTC is for running your own, independent, federated and peer-to-peer RTC solutions, including instant messaging (IM), voice-over-IP (VoIP),...
  • udit043
    Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software
    Project include fixing and resolving some bugs with opportunity to bring and implement something innovative that will make this project a splendid...
  • Nik Vaessen
    Improving WebRTC, Apache Camel and Jitsi
    ICE and TURN support for Jitsi, SIP message for Apache Camel, WebRTC server probe.
  • Reynaud Nicolas
    Indexation over a distributed network
    As some project, like Ring, need some form of indexation, which could be usefull, for example to index user profile, or some other ressources....
  • Gasuleg
    Ring project
    I will work on the RING project for Savoir Faire Linux. I will create tool to know the exact performances of the ring software on the different...
  • Marko Dimjašević
    Support for KLEE in Debile
    Writing and maintaining software is challenging. Software is complex and keeping it bug-free remains an unsolved problem. Debian Stretch, the next...
  • Alok Anand
    Telepathy Connection Manager for Ring protocol
    Telepathy is the framework for Real-time communication on the major Linux desktops and Ring is a secure and distributed peer to peer network for real...
  • Mateus Augusto Bellomo Agrello Ruivo
    Web Client and Connection Manager for reSIProcate
    I will work to add a support for a Web Client in conference calls and a Connection Manager for reSIProcate. I will also make a good effort at making...
  • Balu Menon
    YooHoo - The Perfect Chat Engine
    Project Details: YooHoo, is a interactive chat engine, which supports text, audio, video chats and file sharing. It is to facilitate one-to-one...