The premier python-based content management system

Plone the software

Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information for a public website or an intranet using only a web browser. Plone is easy to understand and use — allowing users to be productive in just half an hour — yet offers a wealth of community-developed add-ons and extensibility.

It uses a technologically advanced Python backend and a modern, responsive, JavaScript-enhanced frontend. Accessibility, security and i18n are core features.

We value well-tested and documented code, and use CI extensively.

Plone the community

Plone’s intellectual property and trademarks are protected by the non-profit Plone Foundation. This means that Plone’s future is not in the hands of any one person or company.

The developer community is international. There is no single large firm behind Plone, instead there are many smaller consulting firms from all over the world that offer Plone and Plone-based solutions.

We have a strong sense of community, and decisions are made transparent in self-organizing teams.

Development is often done in "sprints", with people coming together but also participating remotely.


Since Plone is a complete product addressing many topics, the skillsets needed to work on aspects of it are also diverse:

  • Python
  • JavaScript and toolset (grunt, AMD, etc.)
  • Rest, API design and implementation
  • User Interface and User Experience design

And above all, a will and ability to communicate with other people that will have other skills and languages (both programming and human).

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  • python
  • zope
  • javascript
  • rest
  • nosql


  • content management
  • enterprise applications
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