GPAC - Multimedia Open-Source Project

GPAC Project on Advanced Content (GPAC, a recursive acronym) is an implementation of the MPEG-4 Systems visionary standards set. GPAC provides tools for media playback, vector graphics and 3D rendering, MPEG-4 authoring and distribution.

GPAC provides three sets of tools based on a core library called libgpac:

  • A multimedia player, cross-platform command-line based MP4Client or with a GUI Osmo4.
  • A multimedia packager, MP4Box.
  • Some server tools, around multiplexing and streaming.

GPAC is cross-platform. It is written in (almost 100% ANSI) C for portability reasons, attempting to keep the memory footprint as low as possible. It is currently running under Windows, Linux, Solaris, iOS, Android, Embedded Linux, etc.

GPAC recently extended its scope to browsers (Javascript, NodeJS) and modular systems (C++11). GPAC can be used both on client-side or cloud systems.

The project is intended for a wide audience ranging from end-users or content creators with development skills who want to experiment the new standards for interactive technologies or want to convert files for mobile devices, to developers who need players and/or server for multimedia streaming applications.

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  • mp4
  • dash
  • mp4box
  • javascript
  • c++


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GPAC 2016 Projects

  • AbdulRauf
    Hardware-accelerated media decoding on Android
    The goal of this project is to make "osmo4" player take advantage of the Android's low level media APIs i.e. MediaCodec APIs by writing a decoding...