Building m-Learning applications

BuildmLearn is a group of volunteers who collaborate to promote m-Learning with the specific aim of creating open source tools and enablers for teachers and students. The group is involved in developing easy to use m-Learning solutions, tool-kits and utilities for teachers (or parents) and students that help facilitate learning. The group comprises several like minded members of a wider community who collaborate to participate in a community building process.

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  • python
  • django
  • bootstrap
  • android


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BuildmLearn 2016 Projects

  • Anupam Das
    Improve existing BuildmLearn Toolkit app and add new templates to it.
    BuildmLearn Toolkit app is an easy-to-use android app that helps the users make another mobile apps without any knowledge of android application...
  • Jai Agarwal
    mConference Framework
    The 'mConference Framework' project aims at developing an Android Framework which allows organizers to create apps for conferences and events. Using...
  • Costin Giorgian
    Physics Simulations
    This mobile application is targeted at school and university students studying Physics. The application would present various physics simulations to...
  • Pranav Tiwari
    University Campus Portal (UCP)
    THE PROBLEM - Many universities do not have a place online for student-student and student-faculty interactions. Some universities do post results,...