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The MetaBrainz Foundation is the caretaker for a number of open source projects, namely:

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  • python
  • perl
  • postgresql
  • javascript


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MetaBrainz Foundation 2016 Projects

  • Kartik Gupta
    A Job Running Client for AcousticBrainz
    Allowing users to run jobs on their own machines and submit the result.
  • Quora
    Gamification of submission system
    I propose to implement one of the supplied ideas and create a gamification system that will encourage users to contribute content to the project and...
  • armalcolite
    ListenBrainz: A submission API compatible with Last.fm scrobblers
    A submission API compatible with Last.fm scrobblers Right now ListenBrainz has its own API documented at...
  • rahulr
    Show tag search results in Picard
    Currently Picard relies on web browser for searching tags manually. With this project, I aim to accomplish these two tasks: Display search results...