Write code. Save lives.

Since 2007, OpenMRS has participated as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Codeā„¢. Coding for OpenMRS is a great way to practice your programming skills and, at the same time, help benefit people in developing countries who are on the front lines of the battle against HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, and other public health challenges. For more detailed about OpenMRS and GSoC, visit http://openmrs.org/ and watch this short video made by one of our volunteer contributors.

Come join us and help save lives with Health IT software!

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  • java
  • groovy
  • html5
  • xml
  • hibernate


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OpenMRS 2016 Projects

  • Shekhar Reddy
    Atlas 3.0
    Rewrite the OpenMRS Atlas server backend as a Node.js app presenting a simple RESTful API and Authenticate it against the OpenMRS ID.
  • bholagabbar
    Cohort Module Enhancements
    The cohort module is quintessential for providing an integrated, user-friendly and customizable monitoring tool for Households (generalized as...
  • Pralay Ramteke
    DHISReport DHIS2 WebAPI
    Automating the process of creating report definition XML by importing it from the DHIS2 implementation.
  • Rasanjana
    FHIR Swagger Document generator and enhancements
    FHIR standard rapidly gets popular among community. Swagger is one of most popular API documentation language. Objective of project is to integrate...
  • AvijitGhosh82
    OpenMRS Android Client
    This proposal aims to completely overhaul the design of the OpenMRS Android client and add powerful offline form syncing capabilities and...
  • Dmytro Trifonov
    Overhaul the User Management dashboard for ID Dashboard
    ID Dashboard is the glue that holds the community together. Currently we have to straddle two systems if users have issues registering, Atlassian...
  • Vishnu Rao
    OWA App Store
    As OpenMRS has chosen Bintray as its distribution platform,there is a need to develop a website where one can download OWA's and OMOD's using the...
  • ivange94
    Radiology Reporting Enhancement
    The OpenMRS radiology module adds features of a Radiology information System to OpenMRS. Currently the OpenMRS radiology reporting module has a poor...
  • Akshika Wijesundara
    Upgrade Data Collection support for Human Genetics Care
    The Human Genetics Clinic of the faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo plays a valuable role in caring for patients. Currently, contributors...