The programming language where object-oriented meets functional.

A Scalable language

Scala is an acronym for “Scalable Language”. This means that Scala grows with you. At the root, the language’s scalability is the result of a careful integration of object-oriented and functional language concepts. Scala is the preferred workhorse language for many mission critical server systems. The generated code is on a par with Java’s and its precise typing means that many problems are caught at compile-time rather than after deployment.


Scala is a pure-bred object-oriented language. Conceptually, every value is an object and every operation is a method-call. The language supports advanced component architectures through classes and traits.


Even though its syntax is fairly conventional, Scala is also a full-blown functional language. It has everything you would expect, including first-class functions, a library with efficient immutable data structures, and a general preference of immutability over mutation.

Seamless Java Interop

Scala runs on the JVM. Java and Scala classes can be freely mixed, no matter whether they reside in different projects or in the same. They can even mutually refer to each other, the Scala compiler contains a subset of a Java compiler to make sense of such recursive dependencies.


Maybe most important is that programming in Scala tends to be very enjoyable. No boilerplate, rapid iteration, but at the same time the safety of a strong static type system. As Graham Tackley from the Guardian says: “We’ve found that Scala has enabled us to deliver things faster with less code. It’s reinvigorated the team.”

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Scala 2016 Projects

  • coderabhishek
    Ammonite - Better Scripts in Scala
    Ammonite is an improved Scala REPL supporting convenient and robust File System operations and Typesafe bash scripting coming over lot of sloppiness...
  • Adam Wyłuda
    Better off-heap collections for Scala
    Scala-offheap is an experimental project which provides type-safe off-heap memory management for Scala language. The goal of this project is to...
  • Felix Mulder
    During the winter break I decided to give back to the Scala community. I re-built the entire documentation website and implemented a new search...
  • sugakandrey
    ENSIME Graphocalypse
    ENSIME is an IDE feature provider, available for most popular text editors. Currently, it uses regular relational database with a Lucene full-text...
  • vovapolu
    Flexible Fast Parser Combinators
    The FarstParse library is a simple replacement for the original Scala Parser Combinators. It uses the same ideas and implements the same...
  • Jess Smith
    Implementation of Coroutine-­Based Utilities
    Scala Coroutines generalizes subroutines in a clean and composable way, but currently provides little value to the average user who wants to use...
  • Piotr Moczurad
    Java source code to Scala.js IR compiler
    As Scala.js is Scala compiled to JavaScript, it seems only fitting that it can also compile Java code. One of the things that make Scala so popular...
  • Akhilesh Srikanth
    Source Code Preserving AST
    The goal of this project is to design a unifying AST which helps preserving source ­code attributes thereby allowing...
  • M.Chav
    Working towards a fully featured version of CBT
    CBT is a build tool in its infancy with a lot of room for optimisation and enhancement. As such, development is still very fast moving. The goal of...