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JSK Robotics Laboratory (Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory) URL: http://www.jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/

Research in this laboratory is focusing on the fundamental functions and systems necessary for future intelligent robots that will live and work in the daily life field and human society. The members are challenging something new through their own integrated robot systems and learning how to build sustainable systems for the future with each other.

(1) Daily life support humanoid platform : recognition of situations in human life environments, using tools, dishes, tablewares, and appliances, learning from humans, conversation with humans, etc.

(2) Musculoskeletal tendon-driven humanoid : humanlike musculoskeletal body with very many joints and numerous redundant sensors aiming at powerful and supple motions like human, design principle of humanoid body structure, autonomous development of complex sensory-motor system, etc.

(3) Embedded robotics devices: soft flesh or deformable tactile sensor devices, integrated IMU sensors, perception devices, embedded CPU for flying robots, onbody communication LAN system, power system for intelligent robots. etc.

(4) Dynamics whole body control humanoid : integrating high-torque, high-speed motor drive circuit, high-speed 3D recognition system, dynamics whole-body.

(5) IRT (Information and Robot Technology) to support human and aging society: through fusing IT and RT systems, personal mobility robots, affectionate watching appliance are conducted for supporting the future life society

(6) Robot Open Software System : design and development of open-source type intelligent robot for mobile manipulation robot.

PLEASE VISIT https://sites.google.com/a/jsk.imi.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp/gsoc/2016 to SEE IDEA LIST

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  • euslisp
  • openhrp
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  • ros


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