Improving Information Infrastructure and Access to Knowledge in Indian languages

The Indic project is an Indian civil society initiative that empowers Indian language usage in computer, mobile and other devices.

Our work is focused on three key areas:

  • Products – people-centric products for Indian language experience in user devices.
  • Technology – robust, free and open technical solutions that bring the Indian language experiences to life across multiple platforms.
  • People – who value and advocate for native language experience and rights of native language users.

The Indic project is also a community of technologists, thinkers, builders and practitioners of Indian language technology who work together for improving information infrastructure and access to knowledge in Indian languages.

Indic Project is previously participated in GSoC's 2007 , 2012 and 2013 under the name of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing(SMC). This year we apply under the banner of Indic Project, our pan Indian language initiative - to get more developer attention and student contributions from all indian languages.

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  • android
  • python
  • javascript
  • ruby on rails
  • c++


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Indic Project 2016 Projects

  • malayaleecoder
    Add Varnam support into Indic Keyboard
    Varnam is an open source, cross platform transliteration module. Through this project Varnam would extend it's service to Android through the...
  • Arushi Dogra
    Better use on boarding/first time user experience
    Making a tutorial at the the time of setup of Indic Keyboard. Features such as Theme Selection, Swipe, Size Selection, Adding number rows etc will be...
  • Anwar N
    IBus-Braille Enhancement
    This project will make improvements on the project IBus-Braille that was successfully completed by a student under SMC. Hear IBus-Braille is an input...
  • Balasankar C
    Inflection aware spell checker for Malayalam
    Develop a spell checker system that can handle inflections and differentiate intentional words and spelling mistakes. Initially, it will be...
  • imSreenadh
    Language model and Acoustic model for Malayalam language for speech recognition system in CMU Sphinx
    Speech is a complex phenomenon. People rarely understand how is it produced and perceived. The naive perception is often that speech is built with...
  • jerin
    LibIndic Improvements
    Additional modules and improvements to the libindic platform. New module: Sandhi Splitter in Malayalam. Integration of Sandhi Splitter to...
  • Irshad
    Machine Transliteration
    Most of the existing works on Indian transliteration use character mappings coupled with a set of rules to transliterate. The statistical approaches...