The Julia Language

Julia is a fast and flexible language for technical computing. While young among programming languages, at just over four years since its public release, it's also rapidly gaining momentum. The community of around fifty thousand users (and growing) have together built nearly eight hundred packages (and counting). Scientists and engineers in particular are excited about Julia's ability to move ideas rapidly from prototype to production, with a flexible and interactive workflow that doesn't compromise on performance. While Julia's dynamic features make it an excellent language for scripting and prototyping in the small, it also provides a host of modern and advanced language features designed for architecting in the large. Language constructs like generic functions and a runtime extensible type system allow users to write generic code not limited to specific data types. Other features like first-class macros and generated functions for staged programming allow further code reuse through metaprogramming.

Julia's package library is small and still coming of age – but for you, that's a great thing! Joining us for Google Summer of Code is a great opportunity to not only build the packages and features you've always wanted and learn about something new, but also for those contributions to become core parts of Julia's ecosystem and used by many thousands of people. The scope of possible work is endless, but could include areas as diverse as developing the web stack, improving data munging facilities, hacking the compiler, or building packages for areas as life sciences, finance, physics, data science, machine learning, or something completely different! If that sounds interesting to you, please do send an application, or reach out to us at with any questions.

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The Julia Language 2016 Projects

  • lopezm
    Design of an API and set up of a regression tracker for iterative methods in Julia
    This proposal consists of the design of an API for Iterative methods in Julia and the set up of benchmarks and a regression tracker.
  • mortenpi
    Documentation tools for Julia
    A big part of Julia is its package ecosystem and their documentation should be as thorough as possible and documenting packages should be made as...
  • Matthias Reisinger
    Enabling Polyhedral Optimizations in Julia
    Julia is a dynamic programming language that, over the past few years, gained interest in the open-source community, especially in the field of...
  • Wei Tang
    HTTP/2 Implementations for HTTPServer.jl, Requests.jl, and Mux.jl
    This proposal is about implementing HTTP/2 for HTTPServer.jl and Requests.jl, as well as implementing a heuristic for Mux.jl for HTTP/2’s “server...
  • mronian
    Image Features and Exposure Correction using Images.jl
    My Proposal is to develop a feature detection and extraction package for Julia, ImageFeatures.jl. Alongwith feature detection and extraction, I will...
  • mgtlake
    Interactive Tutorial System for Julia and Juno
    A Julia program for completing interactive tutorials, being available in the REPL and in Juno (in it’s current form as a series of Atom plugins),...
  • obiajulu
    Native Julia solvers for ordinary differential equations and improvements to IVP testing suite
    ODE.jl is an ever increasing store house of numerical solvers of ordinary differential equations. While many solvers are currently found in ODE.jl,...
  • pranavtbhat
    ParallelGraphs: A General Purpose Graph Processing Library.
    I hope to develop a package, ParallelGraphs, that enables the analysis and manipulation of massive graphs in a distributed environment. The package...
  • sunoru
    Random Number Generators for Julia language
    The random number generator(RNG) of Julia needs updating to a more reliable one. I'm going to implement a package (may be named RNG.jl) providing...
  • KrishnaKanhaiya
    Support for Optimization with Complex Variable in Convex.jl
    Many problems in applied sciences are posed as convex optimization problems over the complex field such as MaxCut, Phase retrieval from sparse...