The de-facto standard tool for everything related to subtitles.

Do you wonder where do subtitles for TV shows or movies come from? How are both professional and amateur databases built and how is it possible that they are so fast? From broadcast to transcript there's almost no delay.

CCExtractor is the tool that does the automatic job!

CCExtractor can read a stream of almost any kind of video container and encoder (MPEG-2, MP4, Program Stream, Transport Stream, etc) combination, any kind of subtitle standard (CEA-608, CEA-708, Teletext, ISDB) and generate a transcript from any subtitle track embedded in the stream.

This includes almost any TV broadcast in the world. Have CCExtractor read the stream direct from the TV tuner and it will give you a subtitle file in real time.

CCExtractor gets along with users (it has a nice GUI for Windows, Linux, and OSX), scripts (comes with a great command line interface) and other tools (there's a library, too - you can use CCExtractor's engine to create your own tools).

CCExtractor is international: It intends to support any language for which video subtitles exists, from English to Korean to Russian. CCExtractor as a program is ever expanding. New subtitle formats come along, new video encoders, and so on.

Finally,, the organization, is the group of developers that makes this possible, along with some key users that provide lots and lots of the strangest samples you could think of.

Our goal is to continue expanding functionality and support so CCExtractor is to subtitles what ffmpeg is to video: The only tool you'll ever need.

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CCExtractor Development 2016 Projects

  • abhivinj
    Downloading subtitles from various Internet TV services.
    The project deals with downloading of subtitles from popular online TV Services like Netflix, BBC, Amazon, Hulu. The project aims to perform this...
  • Rishabh Garg
    DVD Subtitles, CEA-708 completion and Example programs
    Currently CCExtractor has support for DVD Closed Caption. New DVDs contain DVD subtitles instead of the older DVD Closed Captions. This project aims...
  • Abhinav Shukla
    Hardsubx - Extraction of burned in subtitles from videos
    I want to add the capability of extracting burned in (hard) subtitles from videos to CCExtractor. As of now, CCExtractor works by only extracting...
  • canihavesomecoffee
    Improving GitHub CI
    Improve GitHub CI by automating it and unify submission of new samples through the existing platform.
  • Shruti Gullapuram
    News Shot Classification and Analysis
    My aim is to classify and analyze different types of news shots which are encountered in the news broadcast videos that Red Hen processes everyday....
  • kuchumovri
    Repository and Services for it
    Describes how I'd improve/implement repository, notification and metadata services for it