Open-source electrophysiology

In today's neuroscience labs, there's a huge amount of hardware and software development that goes on behind the scenes. Most of it is carried out by scientists who need to tweak their tools in order to get their experiments to run, and almost none of it is shared. To reduce the need for such redundant development efforts, we created Open Ephys as a centralized hub for tool sharing. "Ephys" is short for "electrophysiology," which is the most common technique for recording the activity of neurons. Our main focus is on making it easier for neuroscientists to acquire data from many neurons simultaneously, and the Open Ephys GUI is the open-source, modular application that makes this possible. Our GUI, which takes inspiration from audio production software such as Ableton Live, is the most widely used open-source application of its kind. We're looking for talented students to help make the GUI more robust and user friendly.

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Open Ephys 2016 Projects

  • Ananya B
    Module to control LED driver for Optogenetic Stimulation
    Many users of Open Ephys are using optogenetic tools to manipulate activity in genetically defined neural circuits, but there is currently no way to...
  • septen
    Plugin generation GUI with visual interface designer
    Many scientists around the world use Open Ephys software for acquiring data during neuroscience experiments. The Open Ephys GUI was designed around a...