Digital Assets Managed Neatly

Did you ever try to create a game or video animation, but you were over encumbered with searching, managing, cherry-picking and converting digital assets? You tried to use SVN to share files between your artists? You wanted a 3D tree and had to open hundreds of files but you couldn't find any in your polygon budget?

What if there was a framework that could extract meta-data from all your assets and provide a quick means to search that data? Automatically create thumbnails for all your meshes/materials/..., without the manual labor and provide you with a nice overview? Allow you to assign tasks to people in your team and associate it with a specific asset? Provide visual difference cues between revisions of a file? Allow you to just 'checkout' a model by clicking a link in your browser and it automatically fetches all dependencies (materials, textures, images,...) without having to checkout a huge SVN repository of several GBs just to get your art work done? (Yeah we got that too )

Peragro, organize smarter.

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  • python
  • blender
  • javascript
  • celery
  • django


  • analyzing
  • transcoding
  • pipeline automation
  • games
  • web
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