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Portland State University specializes in mentoring individual open source projects. This Portland State University specializes in mentoring individual open source projects. This includes enhancements to existing projects not otherwise part of GSoC, as well as brand-new smaller open source projects proposed by us or (preferably) by students. We especially encourage projects with an academic bent, and software projects related to open hardware: we have mentors skilled in such matters.

We don't care much which programming language you choose, or what open technologies you use in your project. We are looking for things that will impact some community in an important way, that leverage your existing skills and knowledge, and that you will learn from.

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  • open hardware
  • language-agnostic


  • new projects
  • academic projects
  • individual projects
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Portland State University 2016 Projects

  • Hannah Pedersen
    Amazon Echo Recipe Integration
    As someone who loves to cook, I wish that the Amazon Echo could provide recipes while cooking so this summer I'll be working to integrate an open...
  • Devansh T Shah
    Displaying SUBSURFACE features in the virtual world using NASA's WorldWind
    Virtual worlds like Google Earth or NASA WorldWind do not show subsurface features with negative elevation. This projects aims to be a...
  • ntrstd
    GIFScript: A tool for scripting technical GIF animations
    Graphical animations are powerful tools for delivering ideas to an audience quickly and effectively. Very simple animations can often efficiently...
  • machinex
    Python Interface for VLFeat Library
    VLFeat Library implements popular computer vision algorithms specialising in image understanding and local features extraction and matching. ...
  • karthiksenthil
    ruby_curry : A compiler implementation for Curry built in Ruby
    Curry is a functional logic programming language that combines the most appealing features of the functional and logic programming paradigms. There...
  • aingerson
    Variable Segment Length Bitmap Compression
    Last summer under Google Summer of Code, I coded the commonly used WAH (Word-Aligned Hybrid) compression algorithm in C under the direction of David...