Tools, libraries, and engines to help in game development

Copyleft Games was founded as a legal entity for a collection of related projects, all intended to aid in game development.

Our flagship game engine is PySoy, a Python-based 3d game engine. Its highly ambitious and still lacks many features, but has been making steady progress.

We have a new simpler game engine called VoxGL, which is designed from scratch for play in web browsers. The backend server code is intended to be Python and uses WebRTC data channels.

LightMelody is our game networking library. We intend this to be a basis for an open, decentralized, and federated social game network but it still lacks several key features.

Playerd is a new background service for managing player to device mapping.

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  • python
  • opengl
  • c


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Copyleft Games 2016 Projects

  • icodemachine
    Integrated Development Environment for PySoy
    I would like to work on developing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PySoy. The aim of the IDE is to provide all the features of a text...
  • modwizcode
    Vox.GL Bootstrap
    Currently Vox.GL offers the potential to bring a new generation of children into programming, building on the dynamic nature offered by voxel systems...