Open Source Middleware Platform

WSO2 is an open source middleware company. All WSO2 products are 100% open source and released under the Apache License Version 2.0. The set of products correspond to about 25 different open source projects, which is a connected family of projects, based on one code base and a unified platform. Each project, in this family of projects, address a unique aspect of the open source middleware platform. The projects include back end technologies involving application integration, application development, API management, cloud platform as a service technologies, business process management and monitoring, complex event processing, data analytics, machine learning and presentation technologies. The operation model of the open source projects closely resemble the Apache way of open source operation. All projects are discussed, designed, built and tested in the open, using Apache like open source model.

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  • middleware
  • java
  • soa
  • distributed computing
  • web services


  • cloud
  • data analysis
  • security
  • micro services
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WSO2 2016 Projects

  • Lakini Senanayaka
    [ML]Visual(Deep) Neural Network Builder
    From Visual(Deep) Neural Network Builder, users can drag and drop layers and other computational units and they can create neural networks as they...
  • Nathiesha
    Contact Development Team feature in DevStudio
    Currently Developer Studio users contact the development team via wso2 web support portal (Jira), so the users have to put additional effort to send...
  • Asantha Thilina
    Document Based NoSQL Support for WSO2 Identity Server Database
    WSO2 Identity Server is the first Identity Server Bus in the industry which is capable of managing multiple user identities among applications, APIs,...
  • Misgana
    Ensemble Methods Support for WSO2 Machine Learner
    Ensemble methods combine predictions of base models in order to improve performance or generalizability over a single model. To this end, there are...
  • Venkat
    HTTP Load Balancer On Top Of WSO2 Gateway
    HTTP Load balancer is a software application capable of distributing HTTP traffic to backend servers according to the specified scheduling policy....
  • Dinanjana
    Improve production system debugging capabilities of WSO2 ESB (ESB Flight Recorder)
    WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus is a lightweight, high performance, and comprehensive ESB. The WSO2 ESB effectively addresses integration standards and...
  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Integration Test Framework for WSO2 Dockerfiles
    WSO2 Dockerfiles project contains the Dockerfiles for all the WSO2 products and allows users to build and run Docker images of these products. The...
  • mahesh dananjaya
    Machine Learning algorithms for data analysis makes new areas such as Big Data analysis. Emerging data analysis with the streaming data is one of the...
  • Manujith
    RESTful Fine Grained Authorization-as-a-Service (AZaaS) for the WSO2 Identity Server
    The Identity Server currently supports SOAP as the service medium in between its PDP (Policy Decision point) and any PEP (Policy Enforcement Point)...
  • Gayan Liyanaarachchi
    SAML Assertion Query/Request Profile support for WSO2 Identity Server
    Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML based security token which is used to exchange authentication and authorization data between two...
  • Heshan Jayasinghe
    Web (Javascript / D3) based BPMN editor to support a subset of commonly used BPMN constructs
    Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard way of representing business processes in graphical representation.The purpose of this...