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KDE is an international team co-operating on development and distribution of Free, Open Source Software for desktop and portable computing. Our community has developed a wide variety of applications for communication, work, education and entertainment. We have a strong focus on finding innovative solutions to old and new problems, creating a vibrant, open atmosphere for experimentation.

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KDE 2016 Projects

  • Nimmy
    1 Krita Canvas Decorations Compatible with Modern OpenGL
    I aim to seek out the reliance on legacy functionality in the engine that powers the QPainter class and to convert this functionality to ...
  • arnav dhamija
    A staging area to improve selecting files in Dolphin
    Selecting multiple files in any file manager for copying and pasting has never been a pleasant experience, especially if the files are in a...
  • Pulkit_Gupta
    Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick)
    GCompris is an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. This project aims at creating two more...
  • Stefan Toncu
    Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick)
    GCompris is a high quality educational software suite that aims to develop children’s skills and knowledge while playing very entertaining...
  • Wolthera
    Add softproofing and wide-gamut colour selector to Krita
    Most consumer screens can only show a limited amount of colour, this we generally refer to as the sRGB space. Wide gamut editing is about editing...
  • Fabian Kristof
    Adding support for the FITS data format in LabPlot
    Currently LabPlot provides no support on the handling of FITS files. The aim of this project is to provide support for FITS files, and to enable...
  • mvlabat
    Ark project: Implement advanced editing of archives
    Ark is an archive manager. For now it has lack of adding content to certain folder, moving, deleting and copying functionality. I'd like to propose...
  • bdhruve
    Devising the Plasma Mobile Emulator
    In KDE's annual world summit Akademy, KDE had bring to light about the project of Plasma Mobile stating it will be unique-both the dominant mobile...
  • OmarAmin
    digiKam automatic Red Eyes detection and correction
    digiKam includes a basic tool to fix red eyes in Image Editor. there is no automatic mode (detection and correction), which makes the process of...
  • Swati
    DigiKam MySQL/MariaDB Database Support
    DigiKam is an advanced digital photo management application which enables user to view, manage, edit, organize, tag and share photographs under...
  • Jouni Pentikäinen
    Extending animation features in Krita
    This project aims to bring Krita's animation features to more types of layers and masks, as well as provide means to generate certain types of...
  • koldav
    Fluent graphics across every tile level in Marble's OSM vector map
    Marble has a new type of map view, which renders the OSM data as vector graphics, but it currently supports only high zoom levels(13-17). This...
  • Nanduni
    Improve categorization and search on Inqlude web site
    Inqlude is an open, crowd sourced archive of Qt libraries which helps developers to find, install and use Qt libraries easily. A public version of...
  • IvanLakhtanov
    Julia Backend for Cantor
    The goal of the project is to implement Julia support for Cantor worksheet application with folowing features: command execution, variable...
  • kupy
    KDE Edu, LabPlot- Project: theme manager for plots
    The main goal of this project is to develop a theme manager for LabPlot. In LabPlot, there already exists functionality to create and modify plots....
  • g33kyaditya
    KDE Now
    KDE Now is a Google Now substitute for the Plasma Desktop. Various useful information from one's Email is shown on a Plasmoid in the form of Cards.
  • joejoshw
    Kdenlive: Windows and OSX Port
    Kdenlive is an amazing video editing software. The features in kdenlive allow it to compete with many commercial solutions, but the userbase is...
  • PatrickElectric
    KDevelop Integration with Arduino and embedded development
    Abstract The actual Arduino IDE, was initially created with Java and is still a simple IDE that does not provides autocompletion, sentence errors,...
  • Aetf
    KDevelop: LLDB Support
    Enabling kdevelop to use lldb as a debugging backend, which would be especially useful on Max OS X and Windows, where gdb support is rather scarce,...
  • polaris
    KStars Lite
    Could Lord Rosse (William Parsons) that built the biggest telescope of the 19th century even imagine that more than he could observe can be now held...
  • Raphael Cojocaru
    KStars on Windows
    KStars is a high quality planetarium program and at the same time a very powerful astronomy tool provided by the KDE Community. It is a free...
  • AnuMittal
    LabPlot: Adding histogram and bar chart.
    This project implement two new plot types - histogram for continuous (quantitative) data and bar chart/plot for categorical​ data and support for...
  • tctara
    LUKS & LVM support for Calamares & KDE Partition Manager
    Calamares & KDE partition Manager currently depends on KPMCore for doing its disk partitioning tasks. While KPMCore supports many file systems;...
  • Ayush Shah
    Minuet Mobile
    Minuet is an application that allows users to play their favorite MIDI files. It helps novices and experts with learning more about music education....
  • Minh
    Neverland Theme Builder project
    KDE's Neverland is able to build full themes from a set of template files. The designer needs to only care about the css/js files and the correct...
  • rharish
    Plasma PublicTransport
    This project aims to port Plasma's PublicTransport applet to Plasma 5 and Qml
  • Rajdeep Kaur
    Porting activities in Qt version of GCompris.
    GCompris is an educational suite, that aims to teach kids, in the easiest way. Here we are not trying to replace the teacher. We are here just to...
  • Akshat Tandon
    Support for medium and low tile levels in the OSM Vector Map of Marble
    As of now Marble supports rendering of OpenStreetMap vector data for higher tile levels. In order to make the vector OSM theme complete and end -...
  • Lays Rodrigues
    Umbrello: New Breath
    The idea of this proposal is give a new breath to Umbrello. Updating the application to use Qt5 and KF5 libraries and implement a few features on the...
  • ali-mohamed
    Use Phabricator API to enhance KDE Reports
    KDE Reports aims to provide insight about KDE projects from one place instead of having to go through different sources. The project goal is about...
  • jayssj11
    Wiki-to-learn (W2L) Desktop Client
    A cross platform wiki-to-learn browser . The browser will also be available on Smartphones . The main feature of the application is the offline...
  • Abhimanyu Singh Shekhawat
    WikiToLearn Rating
    The pages of content on wiki-style platforms can be more or less reliable and of good quality. But it all depends on parameters like author's...