The Ruby programming language, libraries, and tools

The Ruby organization hosts mentors and students working on the main (MRI) Ruby interpereter, the RubyGems and Bundler package management libraries, the webapp that hosts all public Ruby packages, as well as other popular Ruby libraries.

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Ruby 2016 Projects

  • spinute
    Automatic-selection mechanism for data structures in MRI
    I will consider and conduct a survey about the data structures appropriate to the operations used in Ruby, and combine their merits by dynamically...
  • Chalkos
    Breaking changes for the 2.0 release
    Everything that worked with Bundler 1.0 still works with Bundler 1.11, all new features from 1.0 to 1.11 have been incremental additions, without...
  • NemoNoboru
    Cap'n Proto RPC implementation by wrapping c++
    Cap'n Proto RPC implementation Project idea There is already a decent binding of Cap'n Proto in github but it doesn't have RPC. My project consist...
  • Dangyi Liu
    Implement UJS using native JavaScript
    The goal of this project is to Rewrite UJS using native JavaScript, i.e., without jQuery. Add new features to UJS. Currently I have planned...
  • Upekshe Jayasekera
    Java ByteBuffer Support for Nio4r
    Ruby has no native ByteArray or ByteBuffer types, unlike Java. While it'd be great to have something like this in core Ruby, the next best place...
  • allenzhao
    Maintain Bundler: a very popular and widely-used open source project
    I will help with current contributors of bundler to help maintain the bundler projects and other related project under bundler. As a maintainer, my...
  • Boggs
    Maintain Bundler: a very popular and widely-used open source project
    As mentioned in the listing for Bundler-related ideas, "Once an open source project has taken off and become popular and widely used, writing code...
  • Aditya Prakash
    Move the Bundler API back into
    My project would re-implement the Bundler API on the Rails app that provides Bundler uses bundler-api to download dependency...
  • RB
    Optional types for Matz's Ruby Interpreter
    Dynamic languages trade some of the compile-time safety properties of statically typed languages for greater flexibility for a programmer to write...
  • asutoshpalai
    Plugin system
    This is to develop a plugin system for bundler which can be used to add features like CLI commands, new sources for ruby gems and hooks for lifecycle...
  • Hiroyuki
    Rails: Support Auto-Completion in Web Console
    Web Console is a debugging tool for the web apps built with Ruby on Rails. In order to debug, it provides an interactive Ruby session to the...
  • kruczjak
    Rebuild, the Bundler website
    Rebuild old, middleman based website and make it more automated