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The mission of the Mozilla Project is to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet. We are the producer and provider of the award-winning Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email software. We are an advocate for open standards on the Net, and provide tools for developing high quality web content and applications. We also provide software development tools used by hundreds of free software projects worldwide.

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Mozilla 2016 Projects

  • Krish
    Download app assets at runtime
    Firefox for Android is one of the most widely used browsers. The team is currently involved in reducing the size of the Android Package - APK. As a...
  • izgzhen
    File Support
    In this project, File API and related functionalities will be completely implemented in the Servo browser engine. With these features landed, the end...
  • varunnaganathan
    Implement RFC7512 PKCS#11 URI support and system integration
    Part - 1 : It is desirable for applications or libraries that work with PKCS #11 tokens to accept a common identifier that consumers could use to...
  • creativcoder
    Implementing Service Worker Infrastructure in Servo Browser Engine
    Servo has support for Web Workers, and the new Fetch Api whose development is in progress is another new standard, that aims to replace...
  • Abdelrhman Ahmed
    Improving and expanding the JavaScript XMPP Implementation
    The aim of this project is to replace libpurple's XMPP implementation with JavaScript implementation of XMPP protocol after adding missing features...
  • paulmorris
    Mozilla Calendar – Event in a Tab
    Currently, events and tasks are created and edited in a dialog window. This project will add the option to create and edit them in a tab instead,...
  • Arun
    Mozilla Investigator(MIG): Auditd integration
    Mozilla Investigator(MIG) is a platform that provides distributed and real time digital forensics at the speed of the cloud i.e. obtaining forensic...
  • varunjoshi
    Prevent Failures due to Update Races
    Balrog is the new age update server used by Mozilla to serve updates to Firefox. This project aims to address a situation in Balrog where multiple...
  • MikeLing
    Proposal of Redesign SETA
    We have tons of testing jobs for a push but we don't want to run each of them, as they are time consuming and requiring hardware resources. The SETA...
  • martianwars
    Schedule TaskCluster Jobs in Treeherder
    Over the last ten years, Mozilla has been using Buildbot as its primary continuous integration tool in order to schedule builds and tests for every...
  • Shiva
    Thunderbird - Implement mbox -> maildir converter
    Currently Thunderbird uses mbox as primary storage format for mails (locally). All the mails in a folder are stored in the same file with the same...
  • bryik
    Two Projects to Make A-Frame More Useful, Accessible, and Exciting
    In a matter of weeks, HTC and Oculus will begin shipping the first generation of VR to tens of thousands of consumers. While VR content is easy to...
  • baygeldin
    Web-based GDB Frontend
    In this project the goal is to provide a GUI for GDB in the browser so that other developers can use it to easily and intuitively debug projects...