HUES is a platform for modeling & simulation of decentralized energy systems

The Holistic Urban Energy Simulation (HUES) platform is an open source, modular simulation environment for the study of urban multi-energy systems. The platform consists of a growing array of modules and datasets which may be linked in different ways to address different problems in the domain of urban energy systems. It's purpose is to facilitate the design and control of decentralized energy systems that make optimal use of innovative energy technologies and available renewable resources.

The HUES platform was initiated at the beginning of 2015 at the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory of Empa, a federal research institute in Switzerland, as part of a Swiss research initiative on energy efficient buildings and districts. Contributors to the platform currently primarily include researchers and scientists from leading universities and research institutes in Switzerland. Our aim is to develop the HUES platform as an open, comprehensive and flexible computational resource for energy system planners and researchers, fostering the development of sustainable and resilient energy systems globally.

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  • python
  • milp
  • gis


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Urban Energy Systems Laboratory, Empa 2016 Projects

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