Package management software for OS X.

Homebrew is a free and open-source software package management system that simplifies the installation of software on Apple's OS X operating system.

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  • ruby
  • git
  • osx


  • package system
  • homebrew
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Homebrew 2016 Projects

  • Vlad Shablinsky
    Better support HEAD formulae
    For now HEAD formulae can't be upgraded by just running brew upgrade <formula> --HEAD. The only way to upgrade HEAD formula is to uninstall it...
  • Anastasia
    Closer integrating Homebrew with Homebrew cask
    The goal of my project is making Homebrew Cask better integrate with Homebrew by moving Cask core into Homebrew and making Cask commands use Homebrew...
  • domt4
    GPG Verification in Homebrew
    Adding GPG optional verification for source packages and Homebrew-provided binary packages (bottles).
  • woodruffw
    Integrating ruby-macho fully into Homebrew and removing external dependencies on install_name_tool/otool entirely
    During last year's GSoC, I began work on transitioning Homebrew away from its XCode dependency by modifying the bottling system to hook certain...