Code to accompany the book "AI: A Modern Approach"

We need help writing solid, understandable code to match the pseudocode in the book "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach". Python or Java, or Javascript for interactive visualizations. Applicants must be able to write code that is both correct and clear.

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  • python
  • java
  • javascript


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aimacode 2016 Projects

  • anurag_rai
    Implementation of Module on Logic (Chapters 7 – 9) for 4th Edition
    The project will mainly consist of providing implementation for algorithms in Java from the book Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach. Using...
  • reachtarunhere
    Python Implementations & Visualization of Algorithms in AIMA 4th Edition.
    AIMA-Python’s current repo has code for most of the algorithms in the third edition. The proposed project aims to update these implementations and...
  • SnShines
    ‘aima-python’ code to accompany the book “AI: A Modern Approach”
    Develop the "aima-python" repository by implementing Python code to reflect pseudo-codes from the 4th edition of the book "AI: A Modern Approach"...