How people build software

GitHub is how people build software. With a community of more than 12 million people, developers can discover, use, and contribute to over 31 million projects using a powerful collaborative development workflow.

Whether using or your own instance of GitHub Enterprise, you can integrate GitHub with third party tools, from project management to continuous deployment, to build software in the way that works best for you.

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  • git
  • atom
  • node.js
  • ruby
  • c#


  • git
  • version control
  • editor
  • collaboration
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GitHub 2016 Projects

  • Dampir
    Add support for lookup by repository ID throughout GitHub APIs
    The GitHub API supports looking up repositories by owner and name, but a secondary API exists which supports looking up repositories by their numeric...
  • Peixuan Ding
    Enhanced User Management for GitHub Classroom
    Classroom for GitHub is a Ruby on Rails application designed to automate repository creation and access control, making it easy for teachers to...
  • cyhsutw
    Enhancements for GitHub Classroom
    In this project, I will work on improving the existing GitHub Classroom based on the current user feedback, such as building dashboards for teachers...
  • mertkahyaoglu
    GUI/Administrative interface for Jekyll
    Wide usage of CMS applications like Wordpress proved that once a site is setup, ordinary users can maintain, populate and extend the site through a...