Open hardware and software to help communities measure and analyze pollution

Measuring pollution at low cost

Public Lab is focused on democratizing the tools and techniques of environmental science so that communities who face pollution and other environmental problems can actually use them.

We believe that low cost, open source, easy to use hardware and software can enable anyone to collect data with which to hold polluters accountable.

Sensor data and open hardware development

Public Lab software projects focus on two areas: data processing for our sensors and tools ( and, among others), and community collaboration and open hardware development (

Our browser-based data analysis tools make use of HTML5 features such as CSS 3d transforms for image distortion and the WebRTC webcam API for capturing spectral data, to make advanced features available to users in a powerful cross-platform, user-friendly, database-backed approach to open science tools. Our collaboration and development platform enables thousands of people to publish updates and share designs for emerging environmental open hardware projects.

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  • javascript
  • ruby on rails
  • leaflet
  • webrtc


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Public Lab 2016 Projects

  • Ujitha Perera
    Advanced Searching and Sorting Tool for
    Develop a service(set of classes within the project) for searching and sorting to output advanced nested results by prioritising tags and power tags...
  • Richard Meister
    Browser-based Arduino sensor data transfer using WebRTC and headphone jack
    Many open data projects rely on volunteers spending time to gather data, e.g. from remotely placed sensor nodes that capture environmental...
  • ananyo
    Expanded Q & A System for
    For a community driven website like that deals with a large number of questions there should be a proper way so that Users can ask...
  • jiteshjha
    Internationalization of
    Internationalization is the process of planning and implementing products and services so that they can easily be adapted to specific local languages...
  • Lalith Rallabhandi
    Rich Profile tags and improving the performance of
    Implementation of various tags in profile page which improves community interaction in organization and also improving the response...