Increasing the number of women in computing fields and technology.

Systers is a community for all women involved in the technical aspects of computing. The list has over 6,000 members from over 62 countries around the world. We welcome the participation of women technologists of all ages and at any stage of their studies or careers. Systers is the world’s largest community of women in technical roles in computing. It was founded by Anita Borg in 1987 together with 12 other women as a small electronic mailing list for women in “systems”. Systers continues to serve this purpose by providing women a private space to seek advice from their peers, and discuss the challenges they share as women technologists. Many Systers members credit the list for helping them make good career decisions, and steering them through difficult professional situations. Systers is curated by Her Systers' Keeper, Rose Robinson.

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Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community 2016 Projects

  • Teodor Ciuraru
    [Malaria - iOS] Malaria Prevention iOS App
    Malaria Prevention is a Swift application that will aid the Peace Corps volunteers in Africa defend against the Malaria disease. I am responsible...
  • Izabela Cardoso
    [PCSA-Android] Collaborative Map of Risk Areas
    Aiming at the goal of PCSA, which is to help victims of sexual assault, I propose through this, add a feature to the application, which enables a...
  • payal97
    [portal] Completion of Systers Portal Meetup App
    After Meetup Everywhere was discontinued, Systers needed a Meetup app within the Systers Portal. This project was started last year but several...
  • smarshy
    Automated Testing - VMS
    Systers has many projects wherein it is crucial to ensure that applications function as expected. Volunteer Management System is one such project,...
  • maditparis
    Automated Unit Testing
    I would like to work on Automated Unit Testing and build off the current base that was developed last year, partly by me. The goal is to create a...
  • divyaupadhyay
    Crowdsourcing for the Guyana Deaf Community - Google Glass Integration
    The Peace Corps have taken up the task of working with PCVs to educate the differently-abled students of Guyana who are unable to hear. The...
  • yatna
    Malaria Prevention Application Proposal (Android)
    The aim behind Malaria-app-android is to help PeaceCorps volunteers sustain protective practices against malaria. Currently the application serves...
  • Amrutha S
    Migrating Volunteer Management System to Class based views and Search Engine Implementation
    Systers’ Volunteer Management System currently uses function based views. It repeats certain patterns again and again, and is mostly redundant....
  • Medha Chakravarthula
    Mobile App Control Center
    A server-side support platform for Peace Corps' mobile projects
  • Akanksha Bodhankar
    PCSA Web-App (FirstAide)
    PCSA (Peace Corps Safety App) is a web application developed to help the volunteers if they become victims of sexual harassment.It also ensures...
  • Chamika
    Peace Corps Safety App - iOS
    Peace Corps Safety App (PCSA) helps the volunteers to get information about the Peace Corps’ safety and security procedures in a button click. It...
  • Rohan Doddaiah
    PeaceCorps Safety App (Android)
    Sexual assault is a major concern in today's world. PCSA is a mobile application that aims to serve as a safety resource to the PeaceCorp Volunteers...
  • Rupinderjit Kaur
    Photo Language Translator (PLT)
    Photo Language Translation project is helpful for the Peace Corps Volunteers who are working in different countries and sites which are developing...
  • sanya
    PowerUp (iOS)
    An educational mobile game app that will allow young girls to learn about reproductive health and self-esteem by navigating the life of their Avatar...
  • Aanchal Somani
    PowerUp Proposal
    The goal of this project is to create a female empowerment app which spreads awareness among the preadolescent girls on sensitive issues like...
  • Aditi Gupta
    Systers Features for Mailman 3
    Currently,a customized version of Mailman2 is used by Systers. My main goal will be porting Systers customized features to Mailman 3.The features...
  • Thyr Nat
    Test Automation for Mobile App Control Center
    This project is about extending the automated test suite for the Mobile App Control Center(MACC) which is one of the many projects undertaken by...
  • Daisy
    Testing Automation
    Systers has a lot of social impact projects it undertakes. It is important that these projects are tested before released to the public. This...
  • Anjali
    Testing Automation for Peace Corps Safety Web Application(PCSA Web)
    The project aims at creating a Java based testing framework for PCSA(Peace Corps Safety App) Web application project undertaken by Systers on the...