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ownCloud provides what the name implies: a AGPL-licensed file sync & share server written in PHP and with clients for most mobile devices and a powerful extension system. You run it on your own server or look for one of our providers. With over 8 million users and hundreds of developers, we're by far the biggest game in town when it comes to open source file sync & share tech. And the coolest ;-)

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  • javascript
  • php
  • css
  • html
  • sql


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ownCloud 2016 Projects

  • imjalpreet
    ownCloud App for metadata extraction from Images and Introducing Photo Calendar in Gallery
    Project Idea: Create an ownCloud app which provides CRUD access to the metadata stored in images. Images can contain extra information embedded in...
  • Michael Grosser (stp)
    ownCloud Demo Improvements
    Improve ownCloud Community services for performance, security and monitoring for development purposes. This includes a move to a Kubernetes based...