jQuery Foundation - home of jQuery, Dojo and many other JavaScript libraries

The jQuery Foundation is a member supported non-profit trade association for web developers. We:

  • Coordinate development on our open source projects.
  • Provide high-quality documentation for our projects, including api.jquery.com, api.jqueryui.com, api.jquerymobile.com, and learn.jquery.com.
  • Host world-wide conferences for developers to learn and share their experiences in creating applications.
  • Participate in the web standards process as an advocate for the needs of web developers, through groups such as the W3C and ECMA TC39 (JavaScript).

Our Mission

To improve the open web, making it accessible for everyone, through the development and support of open source software, and collaboration with the development community.

An open web

We believe that open standards are important for the future of the web. Open standards are publicly available and free to implement without ever having to worry about royalties.

Foundation projects encourage adoption of open standards and implement tools to help developers apply those standards.

An accessible web

We believe that everyone should be able to access the vast content available on the web. This includes anyone with physical, mental, cognitive, or technological disabilities that make it more difficult to use the Internet. Content should be usable by people with poor network connections, slow or old devices, and assistive technologies.

Collaboration with the development community

Working with standards bodies, such as W3C, WHATWG, and TC39, to build the open standards that browser vendors and developers rely on. Working with individuals and organizations to implement libraries, frameworks and tools for web developers. Building, maintaining and documenting our own JavaScript projects, to help developers build accessible web content. Sharing the knowledge about all of the above, by organizing events, recommending good practices in our documentation, and supporting our online communities, through forums, IRC and GitHub.

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  • javascript
  • html5
  • css
  • jquery


  • unit testing
  • software testing
  • framework development
  • user interface components
  • event handling
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jQuery Foundation 2016 Projects

  • shad0w_
    A module system for Hammer.js
    The advantages of organizing a program into several files or modules are similar to authors organizing a book into several chapters and sections. The...
  • Nash Vail
    Adding UI components to Chassis framework
    Chassis aims at defining open standards for various CSS/JS libraries and the web in general. The project aims to complete and deliver base styles...
  • apsdehal
    Bug Hunt
    jQuery Mobile currently has a large number of open issues (~300). To maintain JQM’s vitality, this backlog should be necessarily cleared. This summer...
  • hakatashi
    Create a sandbox interface for tests
    Testings of JavaScript application sometimes include modification of their own environment, such as global/native objects extensions and DOM...
  • connor
    jQuery Learning Center
    The goal of this project is to develop a framework for the development and presentation of interactive tutorials in order to provide a full learning...
  • all3fox
    Proposal for commitplease project in jQuery
    Projects like jQuery and Angular JS are written primarily with javascript and make extensive use of git as their version control system. Using git...
  • flore77
    Qunit - Standard reporter interface
    My project aims to improve the development of testing tools through a common interface for reporters. It is hard because there are already so many...