An online feedback management system for education

TEAMMATES is an award winning online feedback management system for teachers/students. It is a free Java EE SaaS application that runs on the Google App Engine. It is currently used by more than 75K users from 300+ universities. It is a not-for-profit project funded by education grants.

TEAMMATES won the grand prize OSS World Challenge 2014 and took part in GSoCs 2014 and 2015 as a mentoring organization. The long-term vision of TEAMMATES is to become the biggest student-built project in the world. So far, it has received contributions of 130+ student developers and have done more than 200 releases over a five year period. Because one of the main aims of TEAMMATES (the project) is to train students in contributing to non-trivial OSS productions system, it is well-designed, well-documented, and well-tested (we have a very high level of automated testing). The product uses several emerging technologies (e.g., Google App Engine) learning of which will benefit students. Because TEAMMATES (the product) is a software for students by students, students can relate to the problem domain better. The scale of the system is big enough (~300 KLoC) without being overwhelmingly big.

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  • java
  • app engine
  • javascript
  • css
  • html


  • education
  • web development
  • cloud
  • learning management
  • software as a service
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TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore 2016 Projects

  • YL
    AutoComplete ComboBox for Panel's Filter, Interactive Tutorial and GUI Filter Expression Generator
    In this proposal, 3 features will be proposed. All proposed feature are based on the needs for user to key in the panel filter faster and easier. The...
  • Serhii Beliablia
    Email Customizer and Rich-text support
    Proposal is based on two project ideas: Notification engine for sending custom emails choosing re-usable templates with variables support Rich-text...
  • Yijin
    HubTurbo -- Usability Hero
    Why me? I already have multiple contributions to HubTurbo. I have experience building software alone and with others. Managed to maintain high...
  • rclakmal
    Project Proposal - Reports+ in TEAMMATES -GSoC 2016
    In this proposal, I discuss my approach on improving the existing reporting platform with more data formats to download, with more visualizations and...
  • Tarun kumar yadav
    Report + And Question +
    I am willing to devote extra time if required to complete this project. I am much familiar with the TeamMates working flow . And I am always willing...
  • Josephine
    Sessions + (Customisable Feedback Paths)
    This proposal outlines the steps that I plan to take in order to enhance the customization of the Sessions feature. It explores a possible approach...
  • YongJie
    Usability Hero: Rethinking the UI/UX
    TEAMMATES has many features and customization that can be better delivered to the users by: Hiding advanced options behind commonly used defaults...