We bundle TU Wien's open source efforts in the area of science and engineering

We represent several free open source projects in the area of science and engineering at the TU Wien, Austria. Our focus is on developing, providing, and utilizing free open source software, which is associated with our active research work. Our group's aim is to bundle our university's free open source efforts to improve synergy effects and to advance the open source tools themselves as well as their utilization. We are especially interested in working with young developers, to ensure that future generations continue on the path of developing free open source software for science and engineering.

We offer students the opportunity to work directly with young and vibrant research groups at our university on cutting-edge software projects. Not only will students get experience in developing free open source code but also they will get acquainted with advanced science and engineering challenges, broadening their horizons.

We are composed of a diverse set of free open source projects, covering various aspects of science and engineering-relevant topics. With our participating projects, we cover areas like calculating the carbon footprint within Google maps, an Internet of Things integration middleware, a cross-platform image viewer, a mesh generation tool for preparing highly intricate computer simulation models, and simulating Large Hardon Collider particle collisions.

Our free open source projects are:

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  • javascript
  • html
  • css
  • java
  • c++


  • Science and Medicine
  • science and enineering
  • internet of things
  • visualization
  • simulation
  • mesh generation
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Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien 2016 Projects

  • Kolpa
    Carbon Footprint for Google Maps Firefox Port
    During this project i would start with porting the basic implementation of the carbon dioxide calculation and would after that is complete create and...
  • PrateekGupta1509
    Carbon Footprints
    The project aims at developing extensions for multiple browser which allows a user to use the extension for most of leading map services, the...
  • Georg Faustmann
    Colibri OpenADR connector
    This is a brief overview of what I intend to do. I want to implement the standardized smart grid connection ”OpenADR”. What are the advantages to...
  • goJoWe16
    Colibri – OBIX Connector
    The OBIX Connector is intended to connect the OASIS OBIX platform to Colibris semantic interface. The Colibri smart energy management system will be...
  • PratyushTalreja
    Colibri: MATLAB Simulink Connector
    Colibri provides a platform for smart building energy management. Semantics about the building, the building automation systems, other...
  • ankit_m
    Enhancing Language Learning using Mind the Word
    The focus of my project is to make the process of learning a new language less intrusive for a user. This involves two primary changes to the...
  • Chirag Arora
    Improving and Porting Carbon Footprint for Google Maps to Safari and Firefox
    With global warming on rise, there is an urgent need to cut down our carbon footprints. Recently my city, New Delhi made headlines being one of the...
  • Rohan Katyal
    Mind The Word
    In every web page visited, the extension randomly translates a few words into the target language specified by the user. Because the translated words...
  • Probhonjon Baruah
    R/Privacy: Raising the quality and trust of data privacy software
    Data privacy has become one of the hot topics in society, but also in research. In the light of data available to the public or to researchers, data...
  • Medha
    Visualizing Tool for Probabilistic Classification data in WEKA, RapidMiner, KNIME and R
    Multi-Class Classification is a central task in data mining there are a variety of classifiers that compute scores of the samples to belong to the...