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Established in 1999, the ASF is a US 501(c)(3) charitable organization, funded by individual donations and corporate sponsors. Our all-volunteer board oversees more than 350 leading Open Source projects, including Apache HTTP Server -- the world's most popular Web server software.

The ASF provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits potential legal exposure for our project committers. Through the ASF's meritocratic process known as "The Apache Way," more than 500 individual Members and 4,500 Committers successfully collaborate to develop freely available enterprise-grade software, benefiting millions of users worldwide: thousands of software solutions are distributed under the Apache License; and the community actively participates in ASF mailing lists, mentoring initiatives, and ApacheCon, the Foundation's official user conference, trainings, and expo.

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Apache Software Foundation 2016 Projects

  • Gábor Horváth
    [FLINK-3599] Code Generation in Serializers and Comparators of Apache Flink
    The current implementation of the serializers can be a performance bottleneck in some scenarios. These performance problems were also reported on the...
  • Janaka
    Add MongoDB to Tajo Storage
    Apache Tajo currently embeds HDFS, S3, Openstack, HBase, RDBMS storage plugins, so users can connect those data sources to Apache Tajo. The project...
  • Iván Lomba
    Add support for arbitrary CPU and RAM in the ComputeService (jclouds-482)
    This project will add support for arbitrary CPU and RAM in the ComputeService on JClouds. Some providers do not have the hardware profiles concept...
  • Ankush Mishra
    Add the ability to sync events from CalDAV to Apache OpenMeetings Calendar
    The project will add the ability to sync events from OpenMeetings Calendar and iCal/CalDAV Protocol. OpenMeetings is a Web-Conferencing and...
  • Jose Carrasco Mora
    Adding PaaS support to Brooklyn
    The Apache open-source-project Brooklyn is a multi- cloud application management platform. Brooklyn can manage the provisioning and deployment of...
  • Kaide Mu
    Apache Cassandra: Make streaming operations resumable
    Apache Cassandra provides different operations which involves streaming within different nodes and data centers like bootstrap, rebuild, decommission...
  • cihad guzel
    Apache CouchDB datastore implementation for Apache GORA
    Apache Gora open source framework provides an in-memory data model and persistence for big data. Gora supports persisting to column stores, key value...
  • bsikander
    Apache Hama benchmark against Spark and Flink
    Distributed system performance benchmarks are an important source of information for decision makers who must choose the right technology for their...
  • Tao Lin
    Apache Spark: Build monitoring UI and related infrastructure for Spark SQL and structured streaming
    As more efforts have been made to Spark SQL, there are more demands on providing more information and metrics through Spark UI in an effective way....
  • Tushar
    Apache SYNCOPE-809
    The SYNCOPE-809 feature request points out the lack of a plugin for IDEs to allow users to create and edit mail templates and report stylesheets in...
  • Menaka
    Apache VXQuery - Fully integrate Lucene Indexing into VXQuery
    The wide use of XML for document management and data exchange has created the need to query large repositories of XML data. Apache VXQuery is...
  • Paul Bustios
    Apache Zeppelin Notebooks
    Apache Zeppelin is becoming a popular web-based notebook for exploratory data analytics due to features like pluggable interpreters and custom GUIs...
  • Danoja
    Derby bug Fixing
    Apache Derby is a Realational Database Management System that is implemented entirely in java. The Derby JIRA has collected the community's knowledge...
  • meta-coder
    Fineract: Implement integration for Unified Payments Interface
    Apache Fineract is an open source system for core banking as a platform. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) recently proposed an...
  • Omkar Reddy
    Implementing a Python Utility Library for accessing PO.DAAC NASA JPL
    Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center(PO.DAAC) at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a web API enabling efficient...
  • rhnvrm
    Improving Discussion Threads and UI/UX of Apache Allura
    Improving Discussion Threads and UI/UX of Apache Allura Goals Improve Discussion Threads (ForgeDiscussion) Improve landing page on installation and...
  • jkinnison
    In-Situ Simulation Management and Analysis Using Apache Airavata
    The goal of this project is to extend Apache Airavata to allow in-situ data reporting and analysis for Molecular Dynamics (MD) workflows. The...
  • djkevincr
    JCache DataStore Implementation for Apache Gora
    JCache DataStore implementation for Apache Gora using Hazelcast JCache provider.
  • cricri
    JSONiq Support to Apache VXQUERY
    The Apache VXQUERY processor is responsible for parsing and querying large amounts of XML documents. The XML format is currently used in a variety of...
  • haonguyen
    Mapping between the GeoTIFF metadata to ISO 19115
    The goal of this project is to improve the Apache SIS coverage module in order to meet the needs of space agencies. Particularly, this includes...
  • Pradyut
    Notebooks for Weather Data Analytics
    My primary goal with this project is to build a notebook­ front ends so users can interact with weather data. As an initial goal, I will work with...
  • Davarresc
    Nuxeo repository and Authority connector for Apache ManifoldCF
    Nuxeo repository and Authority connector for Apache ManifoldCF Nowadays, there are many containers of information, each one is specialized in a...
  • anastasijam
    OPENNLP-840 - Sentiment Analysis Project Proposal
    My proposal involves developing an ideal model for sentiment analysis for OpenNLP by starting with a simple model and advancing to the desired...
  • Pradeep Sanjeewa
    Port core OS and a subset of the utilities to a new 32-bit microcontroller
    Apache Mynewt OS is a rapidly developing operating system specially designed for 32-bit microcontrollers. With the development of IoT, embedded...
  • kebertx
    Predicting Criminal Moments with Hidden Markov Models
    We aim to construct a probabilistic model which explains a hypothetical criminal's behavior based on that criminal's actions. We will be given the...
  • Dmitry.Bezheckov
    Proposal for Apache Open Meetings: OPENMEETINGS-1353
    My goal is to bring webRTC to Apache Open Meetings. These include adding features for SCTP protocol for signaling and change scheme for sharing video...
  • wonook
    Proposal for the Apache REEF project
    Hi, I'm Won Wook Song, currently a final year BS student in Seoul National University in Republic of Korea. I'm interested in working on the Apache...
  • nadeesh092
    Running Docker from Apache Taverna
    Taverna is a comprehensive workflow engine which has several ways of creating work flows and there are multiple layers/interfaces exposed to interact...
  • Furkan KAMACI
    Security Layer for NutchServer (NUTCH-1756)
    Apache Nutch is a highly extensible and scalable open source web crawler software project. Stemming from Apache Lucene, the project has diversified...
  • Ibrahim Jarif
    Smoke Tests and Continuous Integration Infrastructure for Apache Open Climate Workbench
    The Open Climate Workbench (OCW) project has basic unit test coverage in the form of a test suite written using the nose framework. In order to...
  • Thilina Manamgoda
    TAVERNA-880 Browse+use CWL tool descriptions
    The Taverna suite is consist of Taverna Engine, which handles both Taverna Workbench and the Taverna Server. Taverna Server is used to execute remote...
  • Riyafa Abdul Hameed
    VXQUERY-178: Support JSONiq - add objects to the data model
    Apache VXQuery will be a standard compliant Xquery processor implemented in java. JSONiq is a query and processing language specifically designed for...
  • Nges Brian
    White Box and Regression Testing of the Mynewt OS
    This Project is based on testing. The aim of this project is to have a white box and regression test carried out on the mynewt os. This is very...
  • OnkarShedge
    Zeppelin Notebook Storage using P2P protocol
    Zeppelin has implementations for storing notebook in local filesystem, local Git repository, S3 and Azure. The idea of this project is to add storage...
  • anish18sun
    Zeppelin Notebooks
    The proposal outlines the work done in investigating about the project and the approach that will be taken to accomplish the goals laid down by the...