Development of software technologies for biomedical research and applications.

Our group works at the interface of computer science, biology, and mathematics by applying computational approaches to the seas of data in biomedical research. One of the main interests of our group is the development of technologies to make large-scale computational approaches accessible and more collaborative to a wider scientific audience. Our recent web-based technology, Cell Collective, enables scientists from across the globe to construct and simulate large-scale computational models of biological systems in a highly collaborative fashion. This software enables biomedical researchers to study the dynamics of biological systems (e.g., cells) under both healthy and diseased conditions. Cell Collective provides a unique environment for real-time, interactive simulations to enable users to analyze and visualize the multitude of effects a disease-related mal-function can have on the rest of the cell.

Other technologies developed by our group include cost-effective mobile disease monitoring devices, interactive on-line tissue sample analysis, an interactive statistical analysis platform for teaching life sciences students about data analysis, etc.

Our group consists of computer scientists, biochemists, biologists, bioinformaticians, as well as mathematicians, creating an unique environment of diverse skills, integrated by a single interest point.

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  • webgl
  • javascript
  • mysql
  • react


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Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2016 Projects

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