Build Your own Android Apps!

App Inventor lets people of all backgrounds, from Middle School students to professional programmers, easily design and build their own Android Apps. Using a Web Browser App Inventor programmers can both design their apps and watch them evolve in real-time with our unique "incremental development" feature. Once their application is finished they can easily package it as a native Android application that they can use, share with friends and put in the Google Play Store

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  • java
  • html/javascript
  • android


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MIT Media Lab 2016 Projects

  • Ashik
    Component Enhancement and Runtime Instantiation
    The Proposal focuses on the improvement of App Inventor in the following aspects: Component Enhancements and Runtime Instantiation. Component...
  • Thilanka Munasinghe
    IoT: Raspberry Pi Integration with MIT App Inventor
    Mobile Applications and smart devices are becoming an ever more important and ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. Mobile phones represented the...
  • Kseniia
    Mit App Inventor Android Research Tasks
    The main goal of the project is to investigate how Google Cardboard can be used and integrated with MIT App Inventor, then - create some predefined...
  • quixotic
    Proposed Summer Project
    The Component Development Kit as of now supports only Non UI components and lacks multiple language support. This proposal aims at upgrading the...
  • Abhijit Suresh
    Searching Blocks in the Blocks Editor
    When working on bigger projects, it can be rather difficult to find blocks. A way of searching and focusing on certain blocks would be very useful.