Community of Java projects around JBoss Middleware

JBoss Community is a community of open source projects. The community hosts a large number of projects that are written in various programming languages. The primary language is Java. But there are also projects that are written in Ruby, PHP, Node and other languages.

Project categories range from better testing support over IDEs, application servers, application and performance monitoring to micro-services.

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  • java
  • android
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  • aerogear
  • asciidoctor


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JBoss Community 2016 Projects

  • Idel Pivnitskiy
    AeroGear WebPush and UnifiedPush Server integration
    The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server is a powerful and scalable server that allows sending push notifications to different (mobile) platforms. And now...
  • rohitmohan96
    Ceylon Markdown
    This project aims to create a Markdown processor written in Ceylon that will be a part of the Ceylon SDK. This will be based mainly on the CommonMark...
  • Lucas Werkmeister
    Ceylon TypeScript Loader
    Write a program that loads TypeScript declarations for use in the Ceylon compiler. This will allow people to use TypeScript libraries and programs,...
  • Samuel Richardson
    Drools Rules in Minecraft
    Drools and Java can work together. Java and Minecraft work together. The obvious next step is to get Drools and Minecraft to work together. The plan...
  • Anton Gabov
    Gabov Anton. Smart HTTP/2-based protocol for Infinispan
    Smart HTTP/2-based protocol for Infinispan. The Infinispan Server distribution contains a server module that implements Infinispan’s custom binary...
  • Austin
    Hawkular-agent For Vert.x
    Vert.x has already the capability to send metrics to Hawkular. However, students in thie proposal have to implement the functionality needed so that...
  • mincongh
    Hibernate Search: JSR 352 batch job for re-indexing entities
    Hibernate Search is an extension to Hibernate ORM that brings the powers of full-text search via Lucene and Elasticsearch to JPA models. Think of it...
  • Anuj Garg
    Improve existing Android client of Hawkular
    World want to use features in mobility, and android is the best open source to provide that. Present Hawkular Android Client built for Alpha 3, Which...
  • dimcho
    Test scheduling for large test suites
    In real life projects it is not uncommon that the whole test suite takes hours to execute completely. This makes it hard to follow the good practices...