The Free and Open Software Radio Ecosystem

GNU Radio is a free library for developing Software Defined Radio applications. In combination with the right hardware, GNU Radio is an extremely efficient way to get wireless transceivers and even entire networks running. It is used by hackers, academia and industry alike.

Written mainly in C++ and Python, GNU Radio can be used for anything that requires signal processing of the EM spectrum, such as

  • analog and digital data modulation,
  • packet-based digital wireless communication,
  • spectral analysis,
  • testing and debugging of receivers for any kind of standard,
  • radar,
  • Cognitive Radio etc.
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  • c++
  • python
  • software radio
  • dsp
  • rf


  • Science and Medicine
  • software defined radio
  • cognitive radio
  • spectrum analysis
  • information theory
  • signal processing
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GNU Radio 2016 Projects

  • ninjacomics
    PyBOMBS & CGRAN Enhancements
    This proposal focuses on improving the areas of CGRAN and Pybombs collectively, to enhance the user experience and provide simple UI interfaces to...
  • Sbmueller
    Signal Analysis Toolbox (gr-inspector)
    Signal intelligence describes the gathering of information out of intercepted radio signals with unknown origin and unknown parameters. GNU Radio has...