A Free and Open Source CMS, Trusted By Millions for their Websites

The Joomla! community manages two major software projects, the Joomla! Content Management System and the Joomla! Platform.

  • The Joomla! CMS is a PHP based application that powers about 2.7% of the web, 9.3% of all CMS based websites, as well as many intranets.
  • The Joomla! Platform is a PHP application framework used for building web and command line applications, and is the basis of the Joomla! CMS.

Each of these projects has hundreds of contributors, a set of working groups, and a leadership group. These are coordinated by the Production Leadership Team. This is an umbrella application for the two projects.

The Joomla! CMS and Joomla! Platform are community driven FOSS projects developed and maintained by an international community encompassing over 200 countries. Joomla! is used by millions of websites and web applications ranging from the hobbyist, professional web developer, to large enterprises, for both the World Wide Web and intranets.

The Joomla project is a community effort which strives to engage contributors from diverse backgrounds and varying interests and skills in building and supporting great software together. The mission, vision and values of the Joomla Project reflect this. (http://www.joomla.org/about-joomla/the-project/mission-vision-and-values.html)

The official sponsoring organization is Open Source Matters (OSM), the non-profit organization that manages financial and legal issues for the Joomla! project. A team of experienced people drawn from many areas of the project will manage the 2016 GSoC project for Joomla.

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  • php
  • css
  • html
  • javascript
  • jquery


  • cms
  • object-oriented
  • mvc
  • web
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Joomla! 2016 Projects

  • Prital Patel
    Browser Automated Tests for Joomla! CMS(covering Users and Content features)
    System development nowadays more than ever starts to look for automated test methods. There are several main drivers for this trend -need for faster...
  • João Reys Santos
    Improved multi-lingual content management‏
    The goal of my project is to improve a multi-lingual site's back-end, meaning that besides having several content (articles, menu items, categories,...
  • Shubham Rajput
    Improving the menu item workflow in Joomla
    This project is mainly a project for the Joomla CMS. This Joomla GSoC project aims to improve the workflow regarding creating articles & menu...
  • Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe
    Project X: JavaScript Unit Tests: Project Proposal
    Since the Joomla core is written primarily in PHP the codebase currently has a comprehensive test coverage for PHP so far. What the codebase lacks is...
  • Mohamed Karam
    Recording actions logs, accessible by super admin
    Motivation To record actions of users within the CMS, to know who to blame when something wrong happens. Project Description This project is about...