OpenStreetMap - Creating and distributing free geographic data for the world.

OpenStreetMap is a project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. The data is collected by volunteers around the globe largely from scratch and released with an open-content license. We allow free access to our map images and all of its underlying map data. We aim to promote new and interesting uses of our data which makes the project's uses, and the possible Google Summer of Code projects, very diverse.

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  • postgis
  • java
  • ruby
  • javascript
  • opengl


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OpenStreetMap 2016 Projects

  • Zabot
    Improved Shaders for OSM2World
    OSM2World provides an excellent tool for converting OSM data to 3D models. It however lacks in visual fidelity, which can make it off-putting to use...
  • DaryaGolovko
    Public Transport Assistant Plugin for JOSM
    With the existing implementation, mapping and editing public transportation routes is a labor-intensive task, which demotivates mappers. The...
  • Michael Zangl
    Reorganizing JOSM core
    I propose to restructure the JOSM core classes to be more flexible. This also allows us to separate different components of JOSM and change the...
  • kepta
    Visual Lane Editor for iD
    This proposal seeks to add a visual lane editor to iD. This lane editor must fit in 350px wide side pane of the editor and should be similar to the...