We help scientists understanding information in time-series

The mission of Timelab Technologies is to understand the information in time-series. As part of our activities, we promote and fund Open Source Projects for science and fundamental research.

We are a diverse team of astrophysicists and software developers working together to build state-of-the-art software for time-series analysis for the astrophysical community to study black holes and fundamental physics. The research uses data from satellites launched by NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) and JAXA (the Japanese space agency), among others. The current project will help astrophysicists to make significant advancements in the understanding of black holes; it will set the standard of timing analysis techniques, help collaborations and lower the entrance barrier for researchers and students to join this field.

More recently, the use of novel analysis techniques brought outstanding advancements. New ideas about how to analyze astronomy data has started what is now called “the spectral-timing revolution” leading to a hotbed of new developments.

One of the obstacles of the several fast-moving research groups in this field is the lack of shared, publicly available tools for analysis. Many individual tools and libraries exist, and some are even publicly available, but what is lacking is a coherent set for a complete analysis. Moreover, the lack of any GUI makes the tools (more) difficult to use. This situation hinders collaboration and mobility of researchers between groups. Most importantly, it is an entrance barrier that forbids other researchers and students to join the field and build momentum in this exciting period of new discoveries.

We will build a timing analysis framework, integrating and expanding our Python projects for specialized astronomy tools Stingray and MaLTPyNT, also making use of existing tools like Astropy, Sherpa, SciPy and Carma.

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Timelab Technologies Ltd. 2016 Projects

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