ModSecurity cross platform web application firewall

The ModSecurity Web application firewall (WAF) engine provides a powerful framework to offer protection against web application security threats. It is the world's most deployed WAF product boasting well over a million installs across numerous organizations, including many fortune 500 organizations, hosting providers, and CDNs. The ModSecurity team develops and provides support for not only the core ModSecurity WAF 2.x code but also the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rules Set (CRS) and the newly emerging ModSecurity 3.x codebase. For more information see

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ModSecurity 2016 Projects

  • Tahir Ramzan
    ModSecurity Connector for Apache
    This connector will create an interface between the Apache Web Server to the libModSecurity. By creating this connector, the target application will...
  • m2n
    ModSecurity Connector for Node.js
    libModSecurity (aka ModSecurity v3) is a major rewrite of standalone ModSecurity (v2.x) which have high dependencies on 3rd party project including...
  • Akhil Koul
    ModSecurityv3 IDS connector
    HTTP checks are mostly done via regex in IDS like Snort. This limits the flexibility to write custom rules to suit one’s needs. This proposal focuses...