From distributed systems, to robust servers and language design on the Erlang VM

The BEAM Community is a group of OSS projects that run on the Erlang VM. Our goal is to host relevant projects in the Erlang community, making it easy for those projects to participate in the Google Summer of Code and for interested students to pick their best choice. The Erlang VM was originally designed by Ericsson to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft-real-time, non-stop applications.

Many companies around the world like Amazon, Heroku and Activision use the Erlang VM in their stack and open source projects like ejabberd, Riak, Phoenix, CouchDB, Zotonic and many more are built on top of it. Our currently hosted projects include the Elixir programming language, Disco, a distributed computing framework originated from Nokia, ejabberd, a robust XMPP server used largely around the world and others. This gives students a wide range of choices, that goes from working on distributed systems, to maintaining robust servers and language design.

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  • erlang
  • elixir
  • xmpp
  • beam
  • mqtt


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Beam Community 2016 Projects

  • Borja
    Distributed Intermediate Tree Elimination in Lasp
    Lasp computations are formed using a small subset of a functional language. In functional languages, it is very common to see intermediate lists—and,...
  • sivsushruth
    Implement an elixir backend for indexing and extending the database
    Barrel is a distributed database built on top of Erlang and CouchDB. There are provisions in Barrel to extend the database with user defined modules...
  • tex
    Implementation of Real-time Statistics in Zotonic
    Implement a module which will help give insight into the traffic of a Zotonic server/site through visualization of the stats in real-time. The system...
  • g_unis
    Implementing op-based CRDTs in Lasp
    Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) make the design of eventually consistent systems non ad-hoc and anomaly-free by formalizing the...
  • Gabriel Gatu
    Improve ejabberd configuration and extensibility with configuration DSL
    This project aims to improve the ejabberd configuration, extensions and plugins writing using the Elixir programming language and its DSL...
  • AnnaMuharram
    Privileged Entity Support to Write Powerful External Components for ejabberd
    Writing XMPP components is a good way to enhance the functionality of XMPP servers like ejabberd. Jabber Component Protocol (XEP-0114) is used today...