A cross-platform, visual-programming tool for data mining and visualization.

Why Orange

As opposed to most other machine learning / data mining toolkits, Orange can be effectively used by experts and novices alike. It is regularly used by non-programmers like sociologists, psychologists, economists, cognitive scientists, and biomedical researchers who take advantage of easy and intuitive data-flow-based visual programming interface, which supports preparing and preprocessing structured data, various interactive visualizations, building supervised and unsupervised models, clustering, model evaluation, association rules mining, text mining, data fusion, and network analysis.

Orange is one of the best-rated open-source data mining tools with a graphical user interface that can be used by anyone with just basic data mining training.

With over 200 downloads per day, your successful project with Orange will have a wide-reaching effect.

To learn more, read the Wikipedia article on Orange. If you prefer visuals, check out the screenshots, an emerging YouTube channel with video tutorials for absolute beginners, or just download Orange and try it yourself!

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  • python
  • cython
  • qt
  • machine learning


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Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun 2016 Projects

  • Primož Godec
    Orange Add-on: Educational Series
    Our idea is to implement several educational widgets which will be connected in Orange add-on. This widgets will be used for a demonstration of...
  • sstanovnik
    Orange.data.Table to pandas migration
    This project is concerned with migrating Orange.data.Table to pandas. This follows the current trend of the programming community of using pandas as...
  • Salva Carrión
    Recommender Systems (Add-on)
    Recommender systems are a crucial component in competitive retail services such Amazon, Netflix or Google. This success is partly due to...
  • matevzkren
    Rule induction (CN2)
    Rule induction from examples is recognised as a fundamental component of many machine learning systems. We propose to implement supervised rule...
  • Alexey
    Text Mining Add On
    Extend existing add-on by adding/improving widgets.