Routing Service for finding the shortest, fastest and most energy efficient way.

GreenNav is an open source organisation that emerged from an university project and combines many different aspects of electromobility routing. For now, it consists of an Polymer based front end for routing, visualization and prototyping as well as a Go based back end for the database, routing algorithms and integration. The front end is made of different components to integrate all the necessary technologies to enable mobile access, prototyping of new routing algorithms, visualizations, interchangeable maps (Google Maps, Bing Maps, OSM, ....); the back end combines efficient database work with data from different sources like height profiles or temperature. It is planned to integrate traffic information, ground texture and many more in order to empower new forms of routing (e.g. stochastic routing).

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  • javascript
  • postgresql
  • polymer
  • go
  • electromobility


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Green Navigation 2016 Projects

  • marksurnin
    Front end rethink
    Green Navigation is an innovative project with gigantic potential to promote the use of electric vehicles by providing users with a robust tool to...
  • sidthekid
    Prototyping Tool
    Build a new prototyping tool for comparing and visualizing new routing algorithms rapidly.
  • tom3012
    Real-Time Navigation and Smart Notifications
    Green Navigation will become a great tool to calculate routes and compare routing algorithms. But imagine a front-end, that shows directions of the...