Netfilter project

Packet classification, mangling, stateful tracking, NAT for Linux.

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  • firewall
  • linux kernel
  • networking


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Netfilter project 2016 Projects

  • robertgc
    Increasing the adoption of nftables by finishing the iptables-translate tool
    By completing the iptables-translate tool we can let people know the benefits of using nftables and make the adoption of nftables easier.
  • carlosfg
    Nftables proposal: missing features and library improvements
    I'm interesting in two of the proposed tasks. I'm talk about how I would work on these and my experience with netfilter.
  • pablombg
    Work on nftables missing features and iptables to nftables translation tool
    I am interested in the proposed tasks 1 and 4. These tasks are related with the implementation of nftables missing features and the completion of the...