An interdisciplinary university-wide research center focused on the Internet

The Berkman Center was founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development. We represent a network of faculty, students, fellows, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and virtual architects working to identify and engage with the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace.

We investigate the real and possible boundaries in cyberspace between open and closed systems of code, of commerce, of governance, and of education, and the relationship of law to each. We do this through active rather than passive research, believing that the best way to understand cyberspace is to actually build out into it.

Our faculty, fellows, students, and affiliates engage with a wide spectrum of Net issues, including governance, privacy, intellectual property, antitrust, content control, and electronic commerce. Our diverse research interests cohere in a common understanding of the Internet as a social and political space where constraints upon inhabitants are determined not only through the traditional application of law, but, more subtly, through technical architecture ("code").

As part of our active research mission, we build, use, and freely share open software platforms for free online lectures and discussions. We also sponsor gatherings, ranging from informal lunches to international conferences, that bring together members of our diverse network of participants to swap insights – and sometimes barbs – as they stake out their respective visions for what the Net can become. We also teach, seeking out online and global opportunities, as well as supporting the traditional Harvard Law School curriculum, often in conjunction with other Harvard schools and MIT.

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  • ruby on rails
  • javascript
  • sql/nosql
  • meteor.js
  • go


  • censorship
  • education
  • internet freedom
  • digital rights
  • law and policy
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Berkman Center for Internet and Society 2016 Projects

  • Shubham Patel
    Admin Panel Customization in Book-a-Nook
    Book-a-Nook is an online platform where a user can look up for available community spaces like libraries and make reservation requests to the admin....
  • maarouf
    Data-Agnostic Visualization Widgets [Internet Monitor Dashboard]
    At this stage, the data visualization widgets available in the Internet Monitor Dashboard are all pre-tailored, with the front and back-end closely...
  • Chaitanya
    Dotplot Project Proposal
    DotPlot is a web platform which enables users with little or no programming skills create data visualisations. The platform utilises D3.js JavaScript...
  • HarshV
    Improvements for Question Tool
    The objective of this proposal is to improve the existing user interface and optimise page speed of the Question Tool. The proposed layout improves...
  • skbly7
    IPFS friendly & distributed version of Amber
    The main aim of this project is to come up with distributed and resilient version of Amber, which can help it in achieving the real vision of...
  • davidhas
    LibraryBox iOS App
    An iOS app for LibraryBox written in Swift. The app sends Notifications and WatchKit Complications on proximity to a LibraryBox based on iBeacon...
  • dphuang
    New Data Integration Platform
    Implement a new Data Integration Platform that will allow for more data sources and a scalable ETL process. This will allow the Dashboard Widgets and...
  • prastut
    New onboarding experience to enhance UX for Teem especially for newcomers.
    The goal of my proposal is to provide Teem users with a new on boarding experience which will help newcomers to easily find communities appealing to...
  • Emmanuel Hayford Mensah
    Project Lumen
    The aim of this project is not only to build features that will speed and ease administrative tasks for the Lumen project staff, but also to build...
  • Waqee Khalid
    Wave Federation protocol over the Matrix Protocol
    SwellRT is a full-stack framework for developing decentralized real-time collaborative apps in JavaScript/Java/Android. It is based upon Apache Wave...