Freifunk is a non-commercial initiative for free and open wireless networks.

More and more people are single-handedly installing and maintaining free networks. Every user in the free wireless network provides his or her wireless LAN router for data transfer to other participants. In return, he or she can also transmits data, such as text, music and movies through a free internal network or use services setup by participants to chat, call or play online games. We use mesh networks.

Umbrella Organisation

We act as umbrella organisation for other wireless communities like Ninux,, or HUBS and communites developing software we extensivly use like OpenWRT, OLSR, B.A.T.M.A.N or retroshare.

Local communities provide software adapted to their own needs and then on their websites. There are more and more free wireless groups that meet regularly access in villages and cities.

Hardware and Software

Most devices in our networks are routers for home use. They should run with OpenWRT. In our local communities there are a lot of different approaches for different routing protocols, monitoring systems and map solutions. OpenWRT as OS for routers and OLSR, B.A.T.M.A.N and Babel as routing daemons are only a few examples of software developed together with freifunk. You can find a great variety of topics where you can go on with wireless communities. We're looking for people working on new hardware drivers, improving routing protocols, developing network monitoring tools and user interface topics on the web interfaces, helping us with new features and tools to organize decentralized communities.

Common freifunk goals

  • Educating and creating awareness on the subject of communication and freedom of information
  • Reducing the digital divide
  • Unhindered distribution of knowledge and resources
  • Empowering people to build and operate their own networks
  • Promote and support existing and new social structures

As we are decentralized there are some challenges, e.g. to get and show information about communities, working together with all those communties.

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  • openwrt
  • olsr
  • batman
  • c
  • lua


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Freifunk 2016 Projects

  • NeoRaider
    A schema-based configuration system for OpenWrt
    I'd like to create an alternative to OpenWrt's UCI configuration system, improving on the following points: Structured (JSON-based) configuration...
  • Asco
    DynaPoint - A dynamic access point validator and creator for OpenWrt/LEDE
    Find an easily configurable solution for making the wireless access ssid in OpenWrt/LEDE dependent on a set of network conditions.
  • Gabriel_unname
    Implementing Pop-Routing
    OONF (OLSRv2) is a link state routing protocol. It works sending periodical messages to his neighbors with the aim of transmitting information about...
  • Jan-Tarek Butt
    Monitoring and quality assurance of open wifi networks: the client view
    Running a huge open wifi network that is split into different network areas needs monitoring to assure an appropriate quality of service to it's...
  • arkap
    netifd extension: external device handlers
    In this project, we will extend netifd by a generic device handler interface, which is exposed via the ubus IPC system to enable interaction with...
  • Neez
    OpenWrt - poWquty (poWer quality)
    Sustainable energy production and consumption are crucial for a prospering life on earth. Decentralized energy production is one of the next big...
  • spacekookie
    Provide a cryptographic implementation for
    The Qaul,net project provides a mesh-wifi network for people to connect and share information to other people on the network, helping them avoid...
  • marn
    SWOON: Simultaneous Wireless Organic Optimization within Nodewatcher
    In modern urban areas it is very common to experience a lot of Wi-Fi spectrum congestion in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. High density of...