Liquid Galaxy Project: wraparound open-source immersion!

Liquid Galaxy is a remarkably compelling panoramic display system. As an immersive visualization tool it breaks new ground by using commodity-off-the-shelf hardware. Applications that have been enabled for Liquid Galaxy include Google Earth, Street View, Second Life, World Wide Telescope, MPlayer and several game engines. The goal of this Summer of Code project is to further extend the capabilities of this environment using open source software and tools.

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  • javascript
  • ros
  • gis
  • cesium


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Liquid Galaxy Project 2016 Projects

  • Ismael Arroyo
    Cloud Point Visualization for Liquid Galaxy
    This project will join the capabilities of Cloud Point visualization and the high-resolution capabilities of Liquid Galaxy. Different middlewares...
  • abhishekp
    Enabling Cesium for Liquid Galaxy
    Enabling other applications for Liquid Galaxy would greatly benefit the open source community, thereby nurturing the open source culture and...
  • MarcGC
    PILT (Panoramic Interactive Live Tracker)
    PILT project wants to create a standard to display static and dynamic information over the LG system. We are going to build a system that creates...
  • Xavi Cobos
    Visualization DLP (Drone Logistics Platform)
    Main object of the project is the continuity of the FAED code, converting it to DLP, bug stabilizing it and documenting correctly. The aim of the DLP...